Clover POS lasts less than a year.

In 2017 Nanette and Joshua from sold us two fully working POS registers with scanners, emv card readers, and their software.

The software worked great and still does. The problem is with the hardware from FirstData. We started having issues 6 months after installation. The Gaspos software controls our pumps as expected and still worked but the Clover branded Register app that came with the hardware would not add the fuel purchase to the order.

Among that, one of our android/cloud based registers would not update any apps and would not do a “Factory Data Reset” that was performed via remote assistance by Clover Technical Support.

Finally we was sent a replacement system and sent the old one back free of charge since it was still within warranty. Two months later, the second initially installed system started doing the exact same thing. We called Clover to troubleshoot. They completed every troubleshooting step they did before but failed and quickly told us that the register was out of warranty. And that a warranty doesn’t restart once received replacement hardware and that the reseller ( would have to cover it.

FirstData is, if not the largest credit card processor in the United States but their Android and Cloud Based Point of Sale seems to be proned to repeated database corruption problems which plagues the system with errors that effects other software even though it’s used as intended by employees.

Needlessly to say, we’re currently looking for another compatible system that can work with Gaspos’ software.

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