Walmart Site to Store Lost Order

With the millions of dollars people spend on Walmart’s website that utilizes the Site to Store shipping option, you would think that Walmart would have accurate shipping down pat. I have used Site to Store in the past for a television from the last Black Friday sale, and it was delivered on the estimated delivery date. This is not the case this time, Walmart is now a blacklisted shipper in my book.

I ordered a cheap Kent Fixie 700c bicycle on February 8th for $99.00+tax. Walmart’s website gave me the option of free shipping to my home (Estimated delivery February 17th) or Site to Store (Estimated delivery February 16th). I figured that, I would use Site to Store since I would receive the bike a day earlier than through snail mail. I was happy with my purchase and eagerly awaited my bike to be delivered to my local Walmart store.

Since about day 3 after ordering, I started tracking my order to see where it was. The only think Walmart’s website showed me was, Trailer Departed on February 9th at 4:54 P.M. and less than two hours later at 6:04 P.M. tracking showed Departure Scan.

Fast forward to today February 16th. When I woke up, I grabbed my phone and checked the tracking on the Walmart app. To my surprise, no additional tracking information was available except for what was previously available. After I got to work, I called the Walmart I had selected to ship my bike to. They said that their truck runs around 12:30 P.M. I said okay, I’ll drop by after work, around 3:00 – 4:00 in the evening and pick up my bike. The lady said that would be fine.

When I got off from work, I hadn’t received an email from Walmart that my item had arrived yet. It was strange that the tracking still hadn’t updated either. I stopped by Walmart to ask what was going on, personnel in Store Pickup couldn’t tell me anything except they were still unloading the truck and that they hadn’t came across any Site to Store orders. I asked if they were expecting any other trucks this evening, I would check back later. She checked a paper and said she didn’t see another truck expected to deliver today. She told me that they possibly haven’t checked in everything and asked for my phone number in case they found it or not, she would call. I gave it to her and strolled around the store a bit until walking out to my pickup to wait since I live so far from the store, it wouldn’t be logical to drive all the way home just to turn around and go back.

A little while later, someone from Store Pickup called to tell me that my order was not on the truck and said I could call 800-WALMART. And I did. The only options given was refund or ship another (Estimated delivery February 26th). I told the person on the phone that was unacceptable! I don’t want a refund or go through the hassle of waiting another 10 days for a replacement. I wanted the original item I ordered.

I asked if there was a store around my area that had the item available for purchase today. The representative asked for my zip code and started naming different store locations, one of which was my local Walmart store. I quickly snapped back and said that my local store did not have any in stock. The rep said that they might not have updated their inventory yet and said he would make a note of it.

I also asked the rep which store in the next city over had the bike in stock and named over two addresses. The rep confirmed which one. I said that I’d call the store and see if an associate could physically put their hand on the bike and that I would go buy it from that store if that was an option.

He didn’t confirm if getting the item from another store was an option and asked if there was anything that he could do for me. I said no and am on hold with the other Walmart store.