Our experience with Gaspos.co

Gaspos.co’s software works as advertised. Even though the old Clover hardware is plagued with problems.

We contacted Gaspos.co in 2017 to replace our old broken down Ruby systems after paying another petroleum company over $2,000 total for them to fix them twice because a board kept shorting out and they were unusable. Gaspos shipped and installed two new FirstData Clover registers shortly after when we contacted them in February 2017.

Fast forward a year and we are at the same disadvantage. The Clover POS is riddled with problems. So, Gaspos drop shipped a new point of sale system this past week to upgrade us from the FirstData Clover POS and sent a new contract from Vantiv, LLC to set up a new credit card processing account.

We haven’t signed anything but after looking at the terms and conditions in the fine print, it says the contract is for 36 months. We aren’t looking to get into a lengthy contract unless the fees are less than FirstData. The term could be decreased or we could purchase another Clover POS, but the HP Retail Solution POS is not compatible with FirstData according to Josh at Gaspos.

Just be aware to read the fine print before you sign anything. The lengthy contract term means a resaler will get paid up front for any equipment because the processor will get more money from the long term contract and you’re locked to that processor for the duration unless you pay a hefty fee to get out of the contract. There is nothing wrong with everyone making money. But there was absolutely no disclosure. Except the hardware replacement will be at “no cost” to us.

The new equipment looks great! For the average user, the screenshot on their website looks intuitive and is easy to use. We’re waiting on an installer from Gaspos to come install the new system after we hear and understand all the terms and conditions.

We will continue to work with Gaspos for a Point of Sale solution for our store without breaking the bank in the long term.