Uber XL Coming to Jackson

Starting Friday, October 21st, Uber will be rolling out UberXL for the Jackson Area. Drivers need not do anything, if their vehicle qualifies, to be able to accept both UberX and UberXL trip requests.

  • Minimum fare is $7.65.
  • Base Fare is $3.50
  • Per Mile is $1.90
  • Per Minute is $0.20

The potential of making more money with Uber is astronomical!

Please remember, it is illegal to transport more passengers than seatbelts. You can have the passenger request another Uber or cancel. No need to tear up your vehicle stuffing in more than 4 passengers.

If your vehicle qualifies for UberXL, and you pick up more than 4 passengers on an UberX request, you can send Uber Support a message directly in the Uber Driver App and specify how many passengers, as well as any other problems you may have with any particular trip.