How to setup Uber Partner for UberXL Only requests

With the introduction of UberXL in Jackson, Mississippi, I decided I wanted to eliminate my chances of getting X calls in my Grand Caravan. After 4 days and an unknown amount of emails later, Uber Support finally provisioned my account to receive only XL requests on one of my vehicle profiles.

I own a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan with seating for 7, counting the driver. I sent an email to Uber Support to change one of my Dodge vehicle profiles to only receive UberXL requests only. The first person with Uber support didn’t read the email completely and removed one of my vehicle profiles.

After asking support to remove X from the remaining profile I received several responses that included:

  • XL is not available in my area and I will be notified when it is available.
  • We reviewed your city for the details about vehicle overview and it seems that there is currently not eligible for any vehicle except uberX. We will notify you once we get any upgrade on your city.
  • The ability to switch between classes was removed December 4, 2015.

I finally got fed up and added another vehicle profile with “+ XL” at the end of my tag number for example, ABC123 + XL. You can add “+ Select” or whatever vehicle class you wish to the end of the tag number.

I sent another (few) email to Uber Support and finally someone that knew what they were doing removed X class from my Dodge vehicle profile.

So, now, I have two vehicle profiles. One that can receive both X & XL and the other just XL.

You to can achieve only receiving XL, Select, etc on your vehicle. Just be nice and remember that it may take more than one email until someone who knows how to provision your account receives your email to get it done but it is still achievable.

Your vehicle must be an approved XL, Select, Black Car, SUV, etc vehicle to be able to have ‘one class’ on your vehicle profile.