FTC Suing AT&T Over Unlimited Data Plans

I’ve been a customer of ATT Wireless ever since they were called Cingular Wireless back in 2004. They have since changed the name and brand several times from Cingular to ATT Mobility to ATT Wireless.

The only problem I have with ATT Wireless is that the Customer Service Reps as well as the Sales Assistants in the Retail Stores refers to their Data Plans at “Unlimited.” Let me break this down for all my readers.

ATT offers a 5gb plan as the minimum for LTE Smartphone users including the new Apple iCrap(Phone) 6. They refer to this plan as unlimited. However, a select few Reps at ATT has informed me that ATT does not offer true Unlimited Data plans.

I have Unlimited Data from being grandfathered in from an old plan from several years ago and I am very picky on my services and features when I respond to an upgrade offer either through ATT or the Mobile Kiosk at a Department Store. It’s a rare occasion to find someone with true “Unlimited Data” but it’s not that hard as long as you have it and don’t get ripped off by the flashy supposed discounts and features that AT&T will offer you to change from Unlimited.

I have noticed that ATT does throttle Unlimited Customers. I have received an email several times because they claim I have used so much data that I am in the top X% of users and that my wireless internet will be throttled if I continue to use a lot of data.

What is Unlimited? Unlimited is just that. No restrictions on data usage. According to the FTC, no data throttling should be used either. Which is perfectly fine with me if the FTC can make ATT quit throttling internet usage when U.S. customers pay twice as much for twice as slow internet than other countries such as the U.K.

This supposed throttling doesn’t stop with just wireless customers. I have noticed closer to the end of my billing cycle that my DSL, which is also through AT&T, gets extremely slow. I have repeatedly contacted AT&T and inquired about upgrading, but seems to me that AT&T has no desire to upgrade my DSL because about a week or so after I talk to someone, I usually receive mail from a Satellite Internet Provider. The only thing I can think of is AT&T sells my contact information to these other internet providers. Furthermore, after an initial call to AT&T about upgrading to their new service UVerse, which “offers” faster internet speeds, I don’t hear anything else from an AT&T Rep, Technician, or anyone affiliated with AT&T. Always a third party provider.

To this day, I still have not heard anything from AT&T on upgrading my current DSL service.

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