U-Verse Everywhere But Here

It is extremely irritating that AT&T is sending me Junk Mail introducing me to their “New” U-Verse service but has yet to let me subscribe to the service. There’s a website that ATT has that lets you find your address on a map to see if U-Verse is available. It shows addresses farther off the beaten path than where I live.

For instance. Here’s my current location,

As you can see on the map, U-Verse is apparently not available.

Here is a map that shows the service is available at the Highway.

OMG, at the availability according to this map.

Now check out how far this residence is from the Highway.

As you can see, the residence is a heck of a lot farther than I am. It doesn’t make any since!

I have called AT&T repeatedly trying to find out the status of my request to subscribe but I have yet to hear from anyone. Customers must not matter.