Food In The Future

The kitchen is but just another room. The stove, microwave, and refrigerator is classified as an antique. Unlike 20 years ago, no one cooks anymore. There aren’t any home-ec cooking classes in school and no cooking shows on television. doesn’t hold recipes but downloadable programming for the Food Printer of new combinations of protein, carbs, sodium, and vitamins. All food synthesized these days tastes same while delivering all the Synthetic nutrients that the body needs to survive. There’s even an add-on for pet food.

I scroll through the display attached to the 3D Food Printer that is mounted in the wall. There’s a multitude of choices. Everything from Synthetic American to Synthetic Vietnamese Cuisine. I think I’ll select a piece of pizza. I touch the image on the screen and confirm my selection. The motor in the 3D Food Printer starts humming and a couple minutes later a slot opens and my Synthetic Printed Pizza is presented to me on a 100% recycled, biodegradable plate.

This may seem foreign to lots of people but it seems that this concept may be in the near future. NASA has funded a project to creating a 3D Food Printer from concept to reality and be a physical product by the human Mars mission by as the early 2020. For those of us that remember Star Trek’s Food Replicators this is definitely Science Fiction coming to life. Folks that are always on the go and have an excuse for not eating won’t have any excuse anymore all it’ll take is a couple minutes from selection to completion for a chewy cube kinda like a rice cryspy treat of quick on the go nutrients.