The Era of the Angus is Over


I went in to a McDonalds and told the cashier I wanted a #8 which was the regular Angus burger. To my surprise, it is being discontinued and replaced with preexisting menu items.

We knew it was only a matter of time that this pricey burger was to meet it’s doom. Priced at $4.00 and higher in some regions, this line of “specialty” burgers is no more…

According to various sources online that took the press release from McDonalds says that the discontinuation of the Angus is because of rising beef prices. That gets me thinking, what’s in the other McDonalds patties, chicken? The food franchise has started going to long lengths to promote chicken, which is more readily available and costs less than beef.

Many of McDonalds competitors, such as TacoBell, Wendy’s and Burger King, has also started freshening up their menu with new items to keep up with the changing tastes of customers.

Speculation, “new” menu items that’s added to the menu will probably be more than they were originally worth when the item was first introduced. Talk about inflation making affordable fast food not so affordable anymore. The dollar menu at many establishments isn’t even a dollar anymore now. Instead items has gone up to $1.09 or $1.19. I don’t think they are worthy to even be on a dollar menu. A dollar means just that, 1 dollar. Plus tax of course.

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