‘Sub’ not the ‘way’ I wanted It!

Show of hands

Who likes Subway? Can I see a show of hands?

Looks like a lot of people does. I know I sure do. Although I like most of the food, it’s hard to find a Subway that the employees knows how to fix the food to look like the picture on the menu.

Customizing your Subway Sandwich is great, but what if I just want a regular sandwich as it’s presented on the menu? Burger King and McDonalds does it to the best of their ability. The only time they leave or add something is when you tell them when you order your Whopper or BigMac.

The closest Subway Restaurant I’ve found that makes a Subway Sandwich closest to the representation on the menu is in the Love’s I-10 x44 in Biloxi, MS at Subway Store #402.

I recently visited Subway Store #38927 at the Pilot Travel Center in Meridian, MS. I ordered the Smokehouse BBQ Chicken; a new item that was on promotion at $6.00 for a Footlong. I wanted it made like the menu showed.

Subway Smokehouse BBQ Chicken

First off, the menu shows the item with double meat. So, that’s a negative because the price on the menu should reflect the extra cost. I had to repeat what I wanted multiple times. The employee asked if I wanted it toasted. I said is the sandwich in the picture toasted. “I don’t know,” he replied. He asked me if I wanted cheese on my sandwich. I said again, “I want it like the picture.” Needless-to-say, the employee didn’t know the standard way to make the menu item.

Again, I’m not knocking adding what you want on your Subway, but the employee made something that was suppose to be simple, hard. Obviously, this employee and several others from other stores needs more training on how to make the standard Subway Sandwiches that is on the menu. If I didn’t want something on it, then I’d tell them I didn’t want it. Otherwise, to get the authentic taste of what the sandwich is suppose to taste like, it should be made as close as possible unless ordered otherwise.

When I got back to my vehicle and started to eat the Smokehouse BBQ, the bread was soggy and the filling was falling out the opposite side the bread was cut open. This is definitely not the way the sandwich was suppose to be made as per Subway standards.

Grade F

I witnessed the employee refilling a couple of the vegetable bins by putting fresh product in soiled bins that the product was used up in. Talk about cross contamination. The vegetable area was dirty with product between the bins and pieces of product in the wrong bin. Again, cross contamination. Grant it, this employee was the only person working at the time but seriously needs a lesson in cleaning down his area between customers.

I definitely will revisit this location again to see if things improve after a while from posting this review. Then will determine whither or not I recommend Subway Store #38927 in the future. Until then, I have to give this location an “F” on quality, cleanliness and the employee not knowing the product.

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