Business Review – Pilot Travel Center #388 Meridian, MS

This review is regarding my visit to Pilot Travel Center on Saturday, September 22, 2013 between 12:00am and 1:00am.

Parking Lot/Drive-thru/Landscape

The lot was preferably clean.


The keypad and screen on Pump 21 froze and I had to go inside to authorize my fuel purchase. I got truck diesel, DEF, and Off-road diesel. No problems pumping and best of all, I was able to press the DEF handle all the way down. Usually I have to stream the DEF into the tank because the mechanism in the handle acts like the handle isn’t in the DEF tank. None of the handles on that pump didn’t leak either.


The men’s restroom had paper towels on the floor.


The cashier did not greet me and was not friendly when I handed her my cards to authorize fuel.

Purchasing Items

After I pumped my fuel and pulled up, I went back in to the store to purchase some drinks. The chashier engaged me in conversation.


This location is usually packed after 10:00pm with the fuel pumps two to three trucks deep. I frequent this location because it is the only fuel stop in route from Carthage to Mobile and back so, I usually have a problem with having a long wait time getting to the pumps when drivers stay parked at the pump and go inside the store instead of pulling forward after fueling. Good luck fueling at this location during a weekday late at night. I’ve reported this several times on Pilot’s Facebook page but this is a reoccurring problem and hasn’t been resolved.

A couple pumps were empty, so this time I was able to get to the pump with no problems although there was a few pumps with trucks parked in them with no one fueling.
Pilot Flying J