Billboard in Jackson Causing a Stir


Some people are calling it an anti bigot billboard. The billboard says, guys, I said hate sex but love thy neighbor. The creators of this billboard ad knows very well that religious texts says not to promote a homosexual lifestyle. Yes we should love our neighbor, our family, and our friends.

This billboard comes only a few days after Governor Bryant signed legislation protecting the religious community from being targeted the lgbtq community. The Bill signed by Governor Bryant does not promote Direct discrimination toward the lgbtq community.

I was interviewed by a couple television stations out of Jackson regarding this billboard any legislation signed by the governor. I do not believe, in my opinion, that businesses are going to go out of their way to find out what your sexual orientation is or what group you affiliate yourself with before selling you a hamburger.

The respected members and our local government now has protection against being compelled to offer services or sales to individuals when doing so is in conflict with their beliefs. The legislation does not say that an office of the government as a whole, is prevented from issuing a marriage license, or approved an adoption. It’s simply says that if a person, one, has a religious conviction, that he or she does not have to affiliate your request. A business or government office as a whole still has to provide the service that a person is seeking service.

I support Senator Branning and Mississippi lawmakers for supporting this legislation.

The problem with this issue is just as it is with the Mississippi state flag. The majority voted for it, the minority does not recognize the majority who wants to keep our current flag, so the minority creates an issue around the flag forcing our local government to bend to the will of those who voted against it just to create peace. I see that as imposing your beliefs on to me. For instance, if you do not like the way I dress, tough. And you cannot use retired out excuse that immigrants should be able to dress however they want. A past president has said that when you come to America you assimilate completely as American.

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