Why I Started a Blog


My website was not always a Blog. It did not have the same URL. I didn’t share my opinion with whomever chose to visit.

Fourteen years ago, as I remember it, it was a tech website. Somewhere I set up to list a few Windows Applications that was highly recommended by other people in a Computer Tech Chat Room. This was back when I first was really getting interested in technology.

I slowly grew apart from my online friends in the tech community. Many slowly went their separate way, some past away. There was a few people I looked up to early on. Two in particular went by the nicknames Inspiration and Fireweed III. Inspiration helped me with the technical aspects of learning the ins and out of using and customizing my computer; an old AMD K6-2 450 ATX with Windows 98SE, that my parents got me for a Christmas present from a TigerDirect catalog. And Fireweed III, who taught me how to troubleshoot, debug, and code in Perl. Who taught me that every website is different and that there’s a time when to use fixed and responsive width website design.

From Inspiration and Fireweed’s mentorship and tutelage, I went on to teach myself PHP, MySQL, CSS, and JavaScript. I helped Fireweed III to debug a scripting problem and create a patch for CubeCart, online shopping cart, that broke it’s functionality after it was updated. I also helped countless people with computer problems; virus removal, hardware issues, and that sort of stuff. But I didn’t think to document any specific details about any of my experiences.

I grew weary of the same website design and content that was not exactly the most streamlined way to add anything to it. I finally set out on a personal quest to find the easiest, lightweight, and customizable blogging script I could find. I tried Content Management Systems such as Blogger and WordPress. I tried starting from scratch with simple dynamic page storage.

Nothing quite seemed to give me the start that I desired until I came across spyka miniblog. It is a very lightweight and templated php, blogging script. I started by editing the script and templates little bit here and there. Now I use a fork of the core code that is completely revamped from the Administration Panel to the front end. I call it Spykblog.

Spykblog allows me to post additional content to my website, which updates dynamically, anytime I choose. With the help of tutorials, I implemented TinyMCE to make it quite a bit easier to write the content of posts or articles, upload images, and even embed video.

My blog serves as an outlet for my thoughts at times. Other instances, I’ve reviewed consumer products and companies. When social media restrictions prevents me from sharing content because of guidelines, I can come here and my website is completely unrestricted. I can post whatever I wish, whenever I wish.

My blog is a place where I can share poems to Apps to my online acquaintances and real-life friends.

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