Newest Nintendo Consoles

Still saving to buy the latest Nintendo console. Whither it be the Switch or the NES Classic, I’ve got you covered.

The Best Stop Smoking Aid

Looking for a way to stop smoking, permanently? Look no further! You’ve found the best stop smoking aid here.

Clover Developers WEB API (Tutorial Series : Retrieving Information)

Retrieving Merchant information from Clover’s WEB API.

Clover Developers WEB API (Tutorial Series : Authorization Flow)

Authorization flow tutorial for WEB API. How to receive Code and query server for Token.

Simple Shopping Cart for Clover Integration

SSC is a Clover integrated shopping cart that enables merchants to display their products on their website.

Inventory Mobile 2 Help

Inventory Mobile 2+ documentation and help.

AT&T – More of Your Money for Our Pockets, That’s Our Thing

Have you ever been in a situation where customer service is ever the worst you’ve ever encountered? You haven’t seen anything until you deal with AT&T!

Soccer Team and Coach Stuck in Cave

Twelve children and their soccer coach has been stuck in a cave in Thailand for over a week.

EMT Deamonized for Posting On Facebook

Every job has unusual occurrences. An EMT in Tennessee is being disciplined for posting about his first.

Streamers Leaving YouTube for Twitch

Popular gamers has left YouTube for Twitch and it limits who can watch.