A Statement I Do Not Understand

Today was a great day at work! I kept busy and before I knew it, it was already time for me to leave. If every day could be like today, just imagine what I could accomplish.

Amazon Associates Link Builder is Broken – Tutorial

The Associates Link Builder for Wordpress, available by Amazon, is broken because of the AWS API throttling imposed in January 2019. Amazon has not issued a fix at the time of this post.

A Day of Factual

Today, I was able to do what I set out to do. It wasn’t perfect by no means, but it definitely was a learning experience. Today seemed like it passed so fast. I woke up and drove to work at Pizza Hut. I was there a few minutes before 9:00am this morning. I was a …

Another Awesome Day at Work

Today was another great day at work. My RGM has been starting to give me a little room to grow on my own while being there for support if I need it. We were busy again today. With someone still out sick, my coworkers and I was still able to plow through another busy shift …

I Passed My ServSafe Test

I just finished an amazing day! My day started out by waking up and going to take my ServSafe test. I have a friend that is a chef and gave her a call while I was on my way. I asked her for input about the format of the test and if any of the …

The Best Roach Control for Homes

The most common roach infestation in the United States is from the German Cockroach. They are infinitely one of the hardest roaches to get rid of and are highly adaptable.

Under Construction

Four Work Days into a New Job

Last night at Pizza Hut was busy and I loved it! It was definitely a time to apply the training I received.

The all-new waterproof Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for 2018

My review of the new 2018 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. It features being water-proof, options for storage, and more.

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