Dirt Cheap (Philadelphia, MS) – Review

My review on the Dirt Cheap location in Philadelphia, MS.

German Cockroaches (Blattella Germanica) Finally Defeated

I have finally defeated my most aggressive adversary, the German Cockroach. Well, for the most part.

My Ongoing Battle with German Cockroaches

I’ve tried battling these prolific pests in the past myself and even called in Terminix with no luck of ridding these pests. This time, I have a new battle plan

Pre-installed Ubuntu Server Raspberry Pi 3 Reset Password

This post will show you how to reset your forgotten password on Pre-installed Ubuntu Server on Raspberry Pi 3.

Should Public Schools Charge Tuition

Instead of School Tax forced on everyone regardless if they have children, School Tax should be turned into Tuition and paid directly to the school.

Shan’s Paint & Body – Philadelphia, MS – Review

My experience with Shan’s Paint & Body, a local vehicle body shop.

Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer got a New Honda GCV190 Engine

The Honda GCV190 was the best choice I made to replace the old Briggs & Stratton when it bit the dust.

Our experience with Gaspos.co

New, free equipment with lengthy contract? Rates better be better than FirstData!

Clover POS lasts less than a year.

Professional experience with Gaspos.co and Clover (FirstData).

Walmart Site to Store Lost Order

This is the second time I tried Walmart Site to Store. Unfortunately, my item was “Lost in Transit”.