Thoughts locked inside.

I go through spells of depression now and again. Most of the time I’m numb, but having anxiety to is debilitating!

It’s over. I’m done. I’m through.

My thoughts about the current situation I’m no longer in.

If Today Was Perfect

This is just thoughts I had this morning.

Weird Dream Inside a Warehouse

I just woke from a weird dream. Here’s a recollection of the dream and the details I remember.

My Top SMM YT Subscriptions

My new favorite pastime is watching Super Mario Maker streams. Here is a list of my top 5 Streamers.

Cargo – Make More Money

Introducing Cargo… The in-car product vending service for TNC drivers.

Same Song and Dance from Taxi Drivers

Uber and Lyft is back under fire in the City of Jackson by taxi drivers complaining there isn’t a level playing field.

Uber Violate TNC Rules

I’ve encountered an instance where Uber violates the Transportation Network Company Act in Mississippi.

TNC Driver Coverage Endorsement

You vehicle insurance may be falling short on covering you in case of an accident if you drive for a TNC.

Trump Gets Slammed By Twitter Users

President Trump calls the Cabinet Room a Boardroom and gets slammed by Twitter Users.