Snack Box MHP


I was on my way to work tonight driving down Hwy 16 E. I had the cruise set on my truck to 55 when an MHP cruiser with no light bar flashing, passed me like I was sitting still just before the hill that the speed limit dropped to 45. I didn’t think much of it.

So, I roll on and pull into the PowWow BP and start walking to the door when what do I see? An MHP cruiser sitting in front of the convenience store. I wasn’t intentionally following him. Besides, how could I in a big truck… I walk in the store and find the trooper ordering food.

I approached the trooper, while being a little standoffish, and asked him if he remembered passing me on the highway. He asked me where I was talking about, acting as if he didn’t know. I proceeded to mention that I had my cruise set and he passed me like I was sitting still. He told me, and I quote, “If I wanted to enforce traffic laws, I needed to go to the Academy.” And that if I had a problem I could call Meridian and file a complaint. I mentioned that I’ve seen videos of other people calling out law breaking law enforcement officers that is supposed to protect, serve, as well as adhere and uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States, Mississippi, and the areas that they serve.

I know, and am acquaintances with and a friend of a couple of the other MHP troopers that service my area. Being a truck driver I am frequently stopped by either MHP or MDOT for random inspections.

Then the trooper said something that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He told me never to approach him again. After saying that, he better not be the next MHP trooper to stop me for an inspection. Because after calling him out, I will take any action from him as harassment for doing so.

Let’s back up to yesterday. While on my way to work. I was passing by Canal Place when three Neshoba County deputies was headed back towards town in quite a big hurry. However, the difference was all 3 cruisers had their light bars on.

The case with the trooper was that his chicken might have flown the coop. No other reason to be speeding but because he was hungry.

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