Independence Day Weekend and Following Uber Earnings

The weekend of the 4th of July wasn’t as good as it could have been. Jackson, MS still is a small market and Uber hasn’t caught on like it has in other markets. It’s people traveling in from elsewhere using Uber, that gives the rideshare company a fighting chance in Jackson.

Compared to previous weeks the weekend of July 4 was pretty good. I want to share my earnings that I made in the Jackson, MS market.


This past weekend was a little better. I even had enough passengers to somewhat make some on the hourly guarantee.

According to Uber’s math, I worked 5.7hrs. If I take the total of this statement and divide by the hours worked, I made $37.03 an hour.

Now, I know that the rating is a joke in most cases but my rating has reached 4.72 in the 64 trips that I’ve done so far. Even though I drove more this past weekend, it kept me busy and I was actually pleased at that.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. Uber has it’s problems. While this may be so, I enjoy driving. Whither it be at my full-time job driving a big truck or for Uber. It gives me that extra umph that I need that I wouldn’t be able to anywhere else. And it gets me out of the house!