Restaurant Review – WHATABURGER Restaurant #497 Shreveport, LA


I have frequented this restaurant several times in the past few months. This review is regarding my visit to WHATABURGER Restaurant #497 on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 16:21.

Parking Lot/Drive-thru/Landscape

As I got out of my vehicle I noticed two cars in the drive-thru. The lot was free of debris, the grass was cut, the hedges was trimmed and the storefront windows looked recently cleaned.

Seating Area

Inside the restaurant there was a few customers eating at the tables. The seating area was clean as well as the tables. There was an employee spot mopping and a Wet-Floor sign was properly placed in view of the front door.


The Men’s Restroom had overflow on the floor from the urinal that was stopped up and no Wet-Floor sign.


The cashier that took my order greeted me and asked me for my order. She was in uniform and had her name tag on.

Placing Order

I was undecided about what to order because I didn’t want a large burger. The cashier suggested a Junior Burger (JustABurger). I agreed that was a good choice and I ordered two JustABurgers with cheese and a large Sweet Tea. She handed me the Receipt, a Table Tent, and a large cup.

Fountain Area

The fountain area was free of trash. I filled my cup with ice and turned to fill it with Sweet Tea and there wasn’t a Sweet Tea pitcher by the self-serve fountain, only Unsweet. I tried a couple times to get someone’s attention to fill my cup but no one noticed. The Drive-Thru cashier noticed I was standing there and asked if I needed something and I exclaimed that there wasn’t a Sweet Tea pitcher by the fountain. She took my cup and filled it with my desired beverage.


Soon after I received my order from the cashier that took my order. She asked if I needed any condiments. When I received my food, it was hot and prepared as I asked. The Sweet Tea was adequately sweetened. Not too sweet and not too bitter from being old.

The name of the cashier on the receipt is Armetris M. My order number was 958831.

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