My New Insurance Agent

A few days ago I checked my mail and noticed a letter suggesting me to find a local agent for my insurance since I no longer lived in Alabama. So, I called the office of Mattie Hudson, Agent CLU, and I talked to Reagan.

After giving Reagan a little information on my current policy and personal information, she told me that it would take a few minutes to set everything up and get me on my way. I was in town by now and mentioned I’d stop by.

It wasn’t long until I found myself in front of the StateFarm office. When I walked in, I felt a friendly atmosphere. Mrs. Hudson offered me a seat until someone was available. Soon after, Meagan call me back to her office and she was busy finishing up my new policy.

She was knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining deductibles and how they would effect my monthly premium and when she told me the difference between what I paid six months ago was astonishing. Forget competitors that offer a lower rate, I saved $240! Just remember, my savings doesn’t reflect what you may save because there are many factors that changes the premium. I said, “Is that all?” I was very happy with my new policy and what I saved!

Afterwards, I spoke with Mrs. Hudson. During our conversation we talked about everything from fishing to volunteer work.

It was nice to be able to feel at home with StateFarm!

If you would like to find out how much you could save, call the StateFarm office of Mattie Hudson at (601) 650-0022 or drop by at 290 Canal Place in Philadelphia Mississippi. Her office is located at the corner where the PHOP used to be.