No Decent Internet In 2019

Back in December 2014, I started my quest to get UVerse but lucked out. I’d put my address and information in AT&T’s online form requesting to be placed on a “waiting list” for the service. A couple days would pass and I would receive a standard, “UVerse is not available and we will contact you when it becomes available.”

After being declined for the service, I started receiving junk mail from satellite internet providers. I have no inclination to accept because of the expensive cost of satellite internet.

Several months would pass and I would resubmit my information again, and would come full circle. I would receive the same rejection email and receive junk mail from the same satellite internet providers.

Sure, I have FastAccess DSL. A measly 1.5 Mbps down and 256 Kbps up. My speed normally averages 120 Kbps down and 5.6 Kbps up. FastAccess DSL availability is also locked and I can’t upgrade my internet speed.

Fast forward a year. My internet went out, at no fault of AT&T. It was my modem. We had a bad storm and it knocked out my modem and a few other small electronics which were easily replaceable.

In the mean time, I would continue to resubmit my information to AT&T, visit the retail store, and call sales to attempt to get UVerse.

Now we come to 2018. My FastAccess DSL went out intermittently. I could unplug and plug in my modem and it would connect briefly then disconnect again. I called AT&T Repair to get the issue fixed.

After the technician checked the line and reset the board, he advised me that the issue was a board in the switch, beside the road, that was bad and that it would take approximately 3-5 business days to fix because they would have to locate a replacement and order it.

The technician told me that I was exclusively the only resident on FastAccess DSL among all the internet service customers plugged into the service box and that everyone else was moved to UVerse.

Several days went by and the technician returned and after replacing the board. The technician told me that there was only about 3 of those boards in the country and it was only a matter of time until availability became nonexistent. He advised me to call AT&T and get a service ticket in order to get my service changed to UVerse.

So I tried, and tried, and tried to no avail.

Here it is 2019 and AT&T is still sending me in circles when I try to get AT&T UVerse. Sure, they have “Fixed Wireless Internet” which costs more, is capped, and the speed varies with signal strength. Yes, I can still get Satellite Internet, which is capped, expensive, and the service depends on whether there is a cloud is in the sky.

After four years, one would think that AT&T would live up to their service commitment in bringing faster internet into homes. Wrong. Might be everywhere else but here.