Thoughts locked inside.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been as depressed as I have lately. Nothing I do seems right and I’m just barely getting through each day. My diet is off track. My social life is non-existent. I come home from work and go to sleep almost immediately. At least when I’m asleep, depression and anxiety leaves me alone. I don’t take any kind of drugs or medication for it and I don’t have anyone I trust to talk about it. And if I randomly do say something about it, I hear the same spiel I’ve heard before regardless of who it is. People pass me by with their own lives they’re living. What ever happened to caring for each other, even if it’s just for a minute?

Depression is so hard but can it get any worse?
All these emotions locked up inside, I feel like I’m about to burst!
The only one that shows though is a state of being numb.
People around me think I’m deaf and going dumb.
I don’t talk at all and I ignore what others are saying.
I can’t describe the pain and they think I’m just playing.
They don’t understand the hurt I feel inside,
And past friendships, they fall by the wayside.
Anxiety also comes and goes.
Doubled up, they throw crippling blows!
Sometimes I just want to run away and hide
And it feels like I never even tried.
I feel as if a void is tearing right through me,
but nothing helps and no one hears my plea.
It’s hard to breathe, I don’t eat, and I can’t sleep!
When I’m alone, I just sit and I weep.