I was Robbed in a Dream

I don’t know what city I was in, assuming it was the city where I live.

I rode a bicycle to a convenience store and went inside. When I got to the counter to checkout, my wallet was gone. I ran back outside to where I parked my bike and it was gone. There was several vagrants roaming around outside. I walked around the store and found a dumpster that had been converted into a makeshift shelter.

One of the vagrants I suppose I knew said that he, the person who took my bike, was going to return it to me. I was more anxious about finding my wallet at this time. I asked if someone found a wallet but never got a reply.

I started thinking about having to replace my id and debit card. I don’t carry cash anymore in the real world and I was anxious about canceling my debit card immediately but I couldn’t because it was night and the bank was closed.

I’ve had that sinking feeling before from misplacing my wallet at home. I near about tore the living room apart just to remember that it I sometimes take my wallet out of my pocket when I’m driving to be more comfortable.

My bike was returned to me but I never found my wallet because I woke up. Talk about a nightmare!