Shout Heard Around The Store

I’m going to tell you a short hypothetical story, and I want your input. No matter which side you take. You might not even take a side and go with an angle I haven’t thought of.

Leon, a new shift manager that hadn’t worked for the company but for a short time, follows the company policy almost to the letter, and got along with employees, had almost finished his shift for the day and was waiting on his relief to arrive.

A customer walks in and orders some fries and a fresh slice of cheesecake to eat while she’s waiting on her fries. Leon, repeats the order back to the customer and tells the customer the price.

“$8.54,” said Leon. The customer hands Leon some cash and Leon hands the customer her receipt.

During this transaction, Stephanie, Leon’s relief, who has been with the company for a while, who is friends with the customer, and has been known to have an attitude problem even with her surioriors but is usually let off the hook because of the restaurant being short staffed for her shift, walks in the door.

Leon finishes preparing the customer’s cheesecake and sets the plate and her receipt on the bar in front of the customer, along with silverware.

The customer requests some sour cream and bacon to go on her fries. This is normally add-on items that is usually upsold on a person’s order but since the salad bar is still set up, Leon tells the customer to help herself with the requested items from the salad bar.

As the customer’s fries is done, the customer approaches an associate and tells her that she never received her drinks. Leon saw the customer and associate speaking. After the associate walks away, Leon sits the bag of fries on the bar and asks the customer if she was enjoying the cheesecake and if everything was alright. She told Leon that she never received her drinks. Leon printed another receipt and showed the customer that she had only paid for the cheesecake and fries. The customer exclaims that there was no way that she only paid for the cheesecake and fries at the price she paid.

As Leon is trying to explain to the customer that she only paid for the the food she received, Stephanie chimes in and says that it was alright to give her the drinks. Leon told Stephanie that the customer had not ordered any drinks. Stephanie continues to insist and raises her voice at Leon saying she will buy the customer’s drinks.

Leon tried to get Stephanie to calm down and talk about the issue in the office, away from customers and other employees, but Stephanie continues to get angry with Leon and belittling him in front of customers.

Leon decides to back off, clock out and leave, since his shift was over and Stephanie was his relief after all.

Let’s Recap
I) Stephanie has a known history of being insubordinate, demeaning, and belittling other coworkers in front of customers
II) Stephanie is a friend of Leon’s customer.
III) Stephanie gave away free food or beverages to Leon’s customer.
IV) Stephanie has been working with the company longer.
V) Leon’s customer only paid for the items received.
VI) Leon was handling the situation at his discretion before Stephanie butted in.
VII) Leon follows company policy and his training when dealing with customers.
IIX) Leon has been working for the company only a few months.

My questions to you, my readers, is…

1) Was Leon right to just leave, since it was the end of his shift?
Yes / No

2) Should Stephanie be allowed to give away free food to her friends?
Yes / No

3) What should have been done when Stephanie started berating Leon in front of the customers?
Please explain your answer.

4) Who was rightfully in charge of the customer’s bill and the food the customer received?
Stephanie / Leon / the Customer

5) What should happen to Stephanie because she gave away free drinks to her friend, the customer?
Please explain your answer.

6) Who was in the right?
Stephanie / Leon / the Customer

7) How would you handle the situation?

Thanks for bearing with me and reading to this point. Your answers are valuable to the outcome of this hypothetical situation.

You can answer one or all of the questions in the comment section below. Just note what question(s) your answer goes with and remember, please remember to keep your answers PG13.