A Few Good People

If you were to ask me for a list of the best employees where I work. I would simply tell you to pay the restaurant a visit, literally anytime! I can not place anyone above or below another.

This can not be said at most jobs. There is usually, always drama, gossip, and unhealthy coworker rivalries. But at the Pizza Hut I work at, everyone brings a unique dynamic to each shift, from the delivery drivers to even management, and we do it in such a way to where the restaurant runs efficiently and coherently.

Sure, as a Shift Leader or the RGM, we have to delegate and deploy team members in certain areas at times, but most of the time, everyone knows their role, how to, what to do, and they meet expectations. Is it a matter of complacency? But how do we break out of the daily routine of just muddling through our shift, waiting for the time to clock out?

Maybe it’s time to encourage each other to perform a little better. The old saying, “Work Smarter, Not Harder” does not apply here. Everyone is already working smarter, doing what they’re suppose to or asked. What more can I ask for? But we should set goals for our team and not only meet those goals but exceed them.

I see a change coming and I’m ready for a challenge. In the end, I guess I’ll find a few good people who’s still with me!