Missed Connection

After a current experience I’ve come to the realization that some people is just not meant to cross paths.

I met someone the other day that I thought would be nice for conversation. We even connected to chat when I’m not at work but it ended really before it began.

She is suppose to be going to college in the fall and suppose to be moving to North Mississippi in a couple weeks. It didn’t take long, only a couple messages and no response. I’ve got patience and other people have their own lives but it doesn’t take much to figure out that they altogether disappeared.

I asked her out to Char and she was up for it. I suppose I messed it up because I was undetermined on when. I know I lack in confidence but I’ve started to open up quite a bit. I’m still uneasy around new people.

It’s not every day that I meet someone that I feel comfortable around but it’s totally rude to completely disappear.