Looming Dentist Appointment

I don’t particularly like the dentist office. It’s not the people, but the fact that someone is messing around inside my mouth.

That’s right. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I’m getting three teeth pulled. Ouch!

It’s been a long time coming and because of improper care I was forced to make a dentist appointment to have a few teeth extracted. I still have an impacted wisdom tooth that will require an oral surgeon to remove.

I’m hoping that my insurance will cover the majority of the dental work I need done. One improvement will be either a bridge or a partial in the front to close the gap in my smile. I would have opted for a miniature implant but I don’t have that kind of money and my insurance definitely doesn’t cover implants. I’m skeptical about my insurance covering a bridge.

I have always had the notion to go to a dental college and see if they could offer the dental services I need because I hear that dental colleges are a fraction of the cost of traditional dentist offices. The folklore about dental colleges is not true. You are getting at least a graduate or postgraduate. It’s not like they allow first year students to perform dental work on a patient. Now, they may allow them to spectate or even assist with suction, irrigation, and hand tools to the providing dentist. I don’t know though. I’ve never been. Just a thought of what a dental college may be like.

I’ll just be glad when it’s over. I am even hoping that I can work Friday. I might not be able to talk to customers, so that crosses out phones, drive thru, and waiting tables, but there is still so much I can do. That is, if I’m not in excruciating pain. I’m probably going to ask for a prescription for pain. I don’t usually take prescription painkillers, but this time I’ll make an exception.

Last time I had a wisdom tooth pulled, I was driving a big truck, and only had an antibiotic script and took otc medication like Tylenol and Advil. That was only one bad tooth. This time will be three and all on the top. And they say that top teeth are harder to remove because they bone is denser. I feel woozy just thinking about it.

So, I’m driving myself to the dentist office. I wasn’t advised to have a driver to drive me back, so wish me luck…