Nightmare Renter

The story starts with a small convenience store in Philadelphia, MS called Joey’s Mini Mart. First established back in 2006 by Mr. Mohammad Shahid. Joey’s Mini Mart has become a staple in the community since Mr. Shahid purchased the small store from the now defunct company, Super Stop. Mr. Shahid built the business up, basically …

Work’s Toxic Atmosphere

After coming back to work, I’ve kept my head down, not gossipped with anyone. Just did my job until it was time to get off. Until today, when my RGM went rogue.

Forced Demotion With No Alternatives

Well guys, I haven’t been blogging lately because of all the work I’ve been doing, or well, lack of. That doesn’t make sense because of the title of this post. Let’s get to the flesh of this post. To bring you up to speed. There has been issues where money came up missing from work. …

ICE Raid In Mississippi Financial Impact on the State

This week, ICE performed a raid and arrested 680 people. Let’s look at the numbers that the lawmakers and the news isn’t covering.

Untitled 2019•06•07

I’ve been working at Pizza Hut a little over 3 months. I like my job. Some of my coworkers seem to like working with me and life has been good.

Server Issues 2019•06•05

Hosting for my blog has been up and down for the past week. Reporting it to my host gets me nowhere. Have you ever had a service interruption from a web host?

Over 40lbs Lost and Feeling Good

I started my journey without the goal of losing any weight. Mighty big New Years Resolution to keep that I never made to myself.

I Won Free Fuel for a Year

Out of all the people who has entered to win “Free Fuel for a Year” from Marathon Petroleum, I was luckily one of the chosen few.

Get Out of My Way

While some of my colleagues are guiding or following me, there are still a few that needs to bluntly, get out of the way.

Apple Repair & Data Recovery

Tired of members on the Apple Community Forum saying your photos are lost or your device can not be repaired? Listen to experienced technicians and not Pajama Joe. Your device is possibly repairable or recoverable!