Shan’s Paint & Body – Philadelphia, MS – Review


Back in February 2017, I had a minor fender bender in my 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan. I contracted Shan’s Paint & Body to replace a few parts to restore it back to before it was wrecked. I ordered all the parts myself except for the core support and radiator mount. Among purchasing the parts myself, I was charged over $2000 for the two other items, priming, paint, and reassembly by Shan’s Paint & Body.

All was paid and I was able to continue using my vehicle.

Fast forward a few months later. I have a 1979 Ford F100 Custom. I only want the surface rust removed and for it to be repainted. I’ve seen a pickup the same year model of mine that Shan had restored for himself. He told me after showing him my truck that it wouldn’t be worth repainting without putting over $20,000 into it by tearing it down, replacing everything that can be replaced, priming, painting and reassembly. Shan put that type of money in his own truck and restored it the way he wanted to because it was his. And rightfully so.

For my truck, I didn’t want every screw and bolt replaced, just for it to be repainted. He flat refused if I couldn’t put the extravagant amount in it.

Shan’s Paint & Body might be great for insurance or small repairs but when it comes to older vehicles, he won’t touch them unless he can do what he wants to and not what the customer wants.

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