Mac Snack Wrap, A New Discovery for Me


There will always be a place for the Big Mac from McDonalds. But what if I wanted something a little smaller with less calories?

The Big Mac Snack Wrap is just the menu choice for the occasion. I’ve asked for it at a McDonalds in North Mississippi and in East Central Arkansas and both times, they were kind of wowed that I ordered it. Even though McDonalds decided to take this item off of it’s menu and replaced it with the higher priced, Angus Snack Wrap. Still at less than $1.50 (w/o tax) each, the Mac Snack Wrap is still available at some locations and two is less than the original Big Mac!

The Mac Snack Wrap is the best wrap that I can find for less money. Especially since it’s the offspring of the Big Mac, it’s good!

I highly recommend the Mac Snack Wrap. (Where Available)
Mac Snack Wrap ::
100% pure beef seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, one-of-a-kind special sauce, melty American cheese, crisp lettuce, tangy pickles and minced onions wrapped in a flour tortilla.

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