Love’s 639 Store Review

This store is new and shares a lot of characteristics like that of other Love’s Country Stores around the country shares.

I purchased gasoline at this location and the pay-at-pump reader worked and the printer had paper to print my receipt.

I was immediately greeted when I walked in the door and was thrown back by the look of the interior of the store from traveling and visiting many other Love’s stores throughout the United States. The layout was practically identical to other stores.

The restrooms was clean and stocked with tissue paper and paper towels. The waste bins wasn’t running over.

The general store was well stocked with everything you would hope to find in today’s modern truck stop. Even some things you probably would even think of!

My first inquiry was about the fresh fruit they had.. I asked about a container with only strawberries instead of mixed fruit. The cashier said that I would have to arrive early in the morning before the fruit was cut and ready to request only strawberries and that to get that, someone who prepared one would have to pick the strawberries out of the bin to make it.

My second inquiry was about the 1893 Pepsi products that was in the cooler. The porter checked the cooler for the original cola and returned to advise me that there was none. This store was out of the original cola but had the ginger cola. It’s almost impossible to find.

My third inquiry was about the buffalo chicken bites. I inquired how long they was out, if they were ready for purchase. The cashier told me that they were put out only 15 minutes before I asked.

I purchased a few of my favourite sodas, Mountain Dew White Out, and some tamales. The cashier asked me if I wanted a receipt and I obliged. After looking at the receipt, I noticed that if I purchased one more tamales that I could have gotten them at the promotional price. I told the cashier that I would have purchased another if I knew about the promotion.

I didn’t visit the other restaurants at this location or the truck shop.

This store definitely is a great store to stop and refuel both truck or car and body! It has three restaurants from me noticing the graphics on the exterior of the building and has a pretty big parking lot.

I give this location ★★★★☆ four out of five stars.