Weird Dream Inside a Warehouse

This was was by far, the weirdest dream I have had lately. I don’t often remember details from my dreams. Many people isn’t aware that they are even dreaming but I do sometimes. This post might not make sense to whoever may read it but I thought I’d share. Hope you find it interesting.

It was night. I was rushing to find the kennels to put a couple dogs back into after taking them out for a walk. I went from one room to the other and instantaneously found myself in a huge warehouse.

I heard this sound above me. It was a big machine on a track attached to the wall across the warehouse. I tried to hide and the dog leases got hung on a piece of metal. I hid as the machine stopped above me and with a loud boom, it lowered a big, flat steel foot and it hit the machine I was under. The big machine took off down the side of the wall, down the warehouse.

I got back up and looked for the dogs and found their leases broken. I started walking down the wall and found both dogs not 10 feet from their leases, looking at me, grinning. I picked up what was left of their leases and we continued to walk the length of the warehouse.

I came across a girl doing something at the closed end of the warehouse.

“It’s the crusher. Under a table,” The girl yelled! I let go of the dog leases and she started running.
I dropped to the floor and crawled under another big machine sitting on the floor, beside the wall. The girl said, you can’t be under there.

As I rushed to get back on my feet, I noticed saw she was at an eye wash station and she was stepping on the foot control. Water was shooting up from the spouts.

The big machine on the track whizzed above us in circles. It connected to another piece of machinery that looked like a caboose from a train, and before I could say anything, the crusher, as the girl called it, rushed back down the track out of sight, around the bend of the warehouse.

I then heard the looming sound of it returning. I hollered, “It’s coming back!” Sure enough, I looked up and it was coming back.

The girl and I ran through a doorway. I stepped on something and it oozed up between my toes. The girl dropped to the floor and started cleaning up some kind of liquid with towels. She said, “Don’t step in it.” It’s too late, that’s going to be hard! I replied. Showing her my foot with the strange oily substance still on my right foot.

We both then heard vehicles approaching from the other end of the open warehouse. She screamed out, “turn in don’t go down,” to the vehicles. She said it again when one of the vehicles stopped at the open end of the warehouse. The girl screamed a crying, “No!”

I darted back through the doorway and there were already people in uniforms looking around the area we were in. I darted back to the side she was on and she was being walked away in handcuffs. I darted back to the other side and immediately without thinking turned around to the door I cracked open to come through, raised my hands raised with a roll of receipt paper in my left hand.

I felt someone close behind me and someone snatched the paper from my hand. I turned my palms facing behind me and the luring feeling of someone close disappeared away from me.

I then woke up. It is still a little after 8pm in the real world.