Newest Nintendo Consoles

Still waiting to purchase the Nintendo Switch? Searching for that nostalgic NES or SNES Classic to play games from early Nintendo history? Search no more. I’ve got what you’re looking for.

The Nintendo has sold over 10.5 Million Switch consoles in the USA. With the original MSRP of $499 and the price now for the console only of $299, that’s an average of $399 and a total of 4.19 Billion US Dollars or 5.54 Billion CAD.

If you’re looking for the only the Nintendo Switch console with a warranty, here are the best deals online.

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I’ve searched high and low for legit deals for the NES Classic with a warranty. These deals isn’t for the refurbed system you might find from GameStop. There’s no pushy employees or hidden charges. If the NES Classic is what you’re looking for, I’ve got the best warranty deals for you.

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The last console that is on my list is the SNES Classic. The original SNES was actually my first console and is still my favorite. Fortnite might be the most popular game right now but it doesn’t hold a candle to Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and Yoshi’s Island.

Maybe you feel the same way and you are looking for a way to play some of the best games released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The SNES Classic is the best way for us to get our fix on Mario, DK, and racing in FZero. Here are some deals for you to take advantage while they last.

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So regardless if it’s the Switch, NES Classic, or Super NES Classic that you’re looking for, these consoles are hand picked and sold by various vendors on multiple sites. Stock availability may vary but there are a lot of other sellers that has these consoles available. You just have to look and be mindful who you are buying from and where they are coming from. There is a lot of fakes when it comes to the classic consoles.

If you are a parent looking for a gift for your tween or teen that already has a Nintendo Switch. They probably would love to receive a gift card to use to purchase a game or in-game items. Gift cards can also be a way of controlling your spending if you are a Nintendo addict. I’m also looking out for you too! Here are a few that are available as a digital code, so no waiting for snail-mail!