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The Unsung Heroes of the New Testament


We should consider the unsung heroes of the New Testament, whose stories may be overlooked but can offer valuable lessons on serving God and others.

Firstly, let’s talk about Phoebe, who is mentioned in Romans 16:1-2. Paul commended her to the church in Rome, describing her as a servant of the church who has been a great help to many. Phoebe used her gifts and resources to serve others and support the spread of the Gospel. Her example teaches us to look for opportunities to use our own gifts and resources to further God’s kingdom and serve others.

Secondly, let’s consider Epaphroditus, who is mentioned in Philippians 2:25-30. Paul described him as a fellow worker and fellow soldier who risked his own life to care for Paul while he was in prison. Epaphroditus’ dedication to others, even in difficult circumstances, is a powerful reminder to us to serve with humility and selflessness.

Epaphroditus was not only a faithful servant to Paul but also to the Philippians. In Philippians 4:18, Paul wrote that Epaphroditus was a faithful messenger and servant of the Philippians. It is even possible that he carried Paul’s letter to the Philippians, which contains the famous passage on prayer and trusting in God.

Lastly, let’s talk about Onesiphorus, who is mentioned in 2 Timothy 1:16-18. Paul wrote about how Onesiphorus refreshed him and was not ashamed to associate with him, even when he was in bonds. Onesiphorus was a faithful friend and servant of the Gospel, who reminded us to stand with and support those in need, even when it is difficult.

These three individuals – Phoebe, Epaphroditus, and Onesiphorus – were unsung heroes whose examples of sacrificial service, dedication, and selflessness can inspire us to serve God and others in our own lives.

To conclude, let us remember that each of us has unique gifts and resources that we can use to serve God and others. Let us learn from the examples of Phoebe, Epaphroditus, and Onesiphorus, and strive to serve with humility, dedication, and selflessness. May God work through us to bless others, and may we bring glory to His name.

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