Healing Hands

This is a very short story of a miracle that happened somewhere, to someone. Is it scifi or a dream. What does it mean?

Decree from Federal Supporters Sent to Schools Across the Nation

Everyday we see more battles initiated by LGBTQ and their misguided supporters towards companies, individual, and now state institutions of learning.

Graffiti Stenciled on Stop Signs in Belhaven Area of Jackson MS

Several Stop Signs has been vandalized in recent weeks since HB 1523 was signed by the Governor of Mississippi.

City-Cab Owner and Driver Harassing Uber Drivers and Other Taxi Drivers

The owner of City-Cab in Jackson, MS is engaged in harassing Uber Drivers and Drivers of other taxi companies, taking digital pictures and videotaping passenger

Business Review – Sonic Drive-In Ridgeland MS

Restaurant Review for Sonic America’s Drive-In, Hwy 51, Ridgeland, MS on Friday, April 22, 2016. Cashier skipped my stall and wrong order received.

List of Interactive .IO Games

Here is an incomplete list of .IO games such as, Agar.io and Slither.io; as well as other interesting .IO websites.

Billboard in Jackson Causing a Stir

Public billboard on High Street in Jackson Mississippi Target’s supporters of the religious freedom legislation signed by Governor Bryant.

City Curfew Proposal

To spearhead violence in Jackson, a proposal to implement a youth curfew will be presented.

Quora Rant

Entitled people thinking we should have a socialist economy. My money is your money and oh look, I have to be dependent on Uncle Sam just like you.

Whistle blower Jonathan Yaeger Terminated

On March 24, Jackson Public Works Department employee, Jonathan Yaeger was terminated for alerting the Clarion Ledger about the lead problem in the Capitol City