City Curfew Proposal

To spearhead violence in Jackson, a proposal to implement a youth curfew will be presented.

Quora Rant

Entitled people thinking we should have a socialist economy. My money is your money and oh look, I have to be dependent on Uncle Sam just like you.

Whistle blower Jonathan Yaeger Terminated

On March 24, Jackson Public Works Department employee, Jonathan Yaeger was terminated for alerting the Clarion Ledger about the lead problem in the Capitol City

Jackson Playing the Blame Game After Fatal Crash

Jackson and Clinton City Officials square off about who was at fault in a high speed chase that ended with one fatality and two people in jail.

City Fines Passed on to Citizens

With the continued gloom of water problems in Jackson, the potential for the city to be fined up to $25,000 a day in penalties for not bringing the city’s water

Compiling Water Problems Across Capital City

The City of Jackson continues to have more and more water problems across the city, from major water leaks to customers paying for a service that provides conta

Controversy over Taxi vs Uber

Uber is back in the news on WJTV Ch12 in Jackson regarding taxi drivers vs Uber. Here is a little light on the subject that you may not know.

Uber Driver vs. Truck Driver

There are various similarities between driving for Uber and driving a big truck. Here are just a few.

Cyberstalking, Stalking, Harassment

Security at Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport in Jackson, MS is using the Uber passenger app to track down drivers that are on their property.

Encounter with an Independent Cabbie

I had a less than stellar conversation with a cab driver in Jackson, MS. He definitely lived up to his company’s name!