Roku XD Refresh

Roku 2 XDAfter upgrading to the Roku 4, I “retired” my second generation, Roku XD 3050X. It was a great device and I never had any problems with it. That is, until my surge protector failed and my Roku 4 fried from a thunderstorm, and I started using it again.

Some of the channels didn’t work, such as Amazon Video. Some channels had features on the Roku 4 that my XD lacked. I knew that there had to be a solution.

After calling Amazon Customer Service because of the problem with the Amazon Prime Video channel, I didn’t get a resolution and Customer Service hasn’t contacted me inquiring if my problem was resolved, I started using my Android TV Box. It only has Android Gingerbread and a slow CPU. Regardless of what I tried, I couldn’t access all of my favorite video channels because some wasn’t compatible.

I was poking around on my Roku Online Account. I saw that my account said that my Roku XD hadn’t been used since 2005. I know this is incorrect because even though the limited channel availability, I have used it a few times since it was retired. I started by removing the Roku XD device from my Roku account. I hadn’t tried a Factory Restore on my device because I was trying to avoid because I have some custom channels that are no longer available and I knew with a Factory Restore, they would be lost forever.

I took the plunge and performed a Factory Restore on my Roku XD. When it started back up, it prompted me with a Roku URL and a Link Code to add the device to my Roku account. Immediately after restoring the device, it did the update and installed all the channels that my Roku 4 had. The latest Roku® OS version for the Roku XD is 7.5.0 ⋅ 4099-02.

I got my Amazon Prime Video back. Hulu had the same channel features that was available and I grew used to on the Roku 4. Several other channels that didn’t show up in the Channel Store before was available now.

Needless-to-say, I’m a happy camper. Even though I lost a $129 piece of hardware, I can now watch my favorite shows and videos again.

This solution may not work for everyone but it’s worth a try. If Factory Restore works, comment below and more people with a second generation Roku may see this post and hopefully can give life back to their crippled Roku.