Restaurant Review – Jolly’s Restaurant New Orleans, LA

This review is regarding my visit to Jolly’s Restaurant on Friday, April 12, 2013 at 09:12.

Parking Lot/Drive-thru/Landscape

The lot was preferably clean.

Seating Area

Inside the restaurant there was a customer at the bar and one in a booth at the back of the restaurant. The carpet in the seating area was clean. There wasn’t any tables that needed bussing.




The waitress that waited on me was friendly.

Placing Order

I ordered grits w/ cheese, 2 eggs over easy, smoked sausage, toast and a large sweet tea.

Fountain Area



I received my food about 10 minutes later. The food was hot, and the toast wasn’t burnt. The eggs was cooked just as I ordered and the grits wasn’t dried out. The tea that I was served wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t from a fountain but it was made with lemon.


Even though I spent $45+ between the shop and the restaurant, someone from this establishment put a red warning sticker on my window that said I was illegally parked while I was in the truck asleep and expected me to pay $10 for parking. Think about it, this is a truckstop and they don’t want trucks parked there? Compared to other truckstops that charge for parking, if you spend $40 you can park overnight for free. Avoid parking here for any length of time or if past 18:00 they WILL tow your truck if you haven’t paid their $10 parking fee even if you have spent money at this establishment.