Business Review – Firestone Complete Auto Care #28789 Jackson, MS


I have visited this location a couple times now for various services. First time was back on July 3rd, 2015. I needed a new set of tires for my 2007 Nissan Versa. Lisa was able to hook me up with 4 new Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 with a 65K warranty on a buy 3/get 1 free deal.

I received the Courtesy Inspection on this visit after charging my purchase to my CFNA Firestone Card. I noticed on the Inspection report, that the tech didn’t really look at my windshield and marked it as cracked. It was not cracked because I had the old windshield replaced at Safelite Auto Glass in Pearl, MS on June 24th.

Second thing the tech should have noticed when my tires was broke down was that I did not have Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensors (TPMS) on any of my tires. At the time the sensors started leaking and breaking apart inside the tire, I didn’t have the money to replace them. I was initially charged by Firestone for TPMS VALVE SERVICE KIT LABOR as well as REDI SENSOR SERVICE KIT INSTALLATION TORQUE to the tune of $40.08. The TPMS charges was quickly refunded when I called and reported that indeed, my car did not have these sensors.

Tina, was informative about the promotions available to me and super nice. Props for being able to get my car in for my new tires before Independence Day.

The second time I visited this location was this past week (August 19th), it was time for an oil change. I asked Kenny, the Service Advisor at the time, for any recommendations for my vehicle. He said that I would be informed after the oil change on my vehicle was complete. So, I wait. The technician completes the job and I get ready to pay for the oil change. Kenny clocks out and leaves after mentioning out loud that he was an hour on overtime and another guy takes over (name not on invoice). I notice my vehicle parked in the lot after the technician pulled my vehicle out of the service bay and left the lights on. I want to point out that my vehicle doesn’t have automatic headlights. The new guy says candidly for me to let the technicians do their job. Doing a proper Courtesy Inspection is doing their job! Skipping over items, marking items incorrectly, and saying my windshield is cracked again, is not. The new guy says that the technician noted that my Service Engine light was on….. I reply that it isn’t because it wasn’t when I arrived at Firestone. It’s the “dummy light” for the TPMS sensors because the tires has no sensors… After paying, the guy follows me to my car to prove to me that the Service Engine light. To his surprise, as I tried to explain, it was the TPMS light.

I did not get a copy of the Courtesy Inspection preformed on my vehicle because it was crumpled up and thrown away in front of me. I opted to receive an email copy of my invoice for the service, which I did receive along with warranty info on the services. I did not get any service recommendations as I asked for from the technician nor the Service Advisor that took over the invoice after Kenny left.

Tina, the Service Advisor from the first time I visited this location was there, but she was busy with other work. When it comes time for my next oil change, I will give this location one more chance to see if they turn around their technician’s tract record for lying on the Courtesy Inspections and lastly the poor customer service.

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