Poems 2013/04/19



It gets to the point
Where I want a joint
To make me laugh and sing.
But I think of another
And remember you my brother (@Jason Shane Denney)
Playing with your ding a ling.

You move it to the left,
You move it to the right.
Oh boy, what a sight!
But when I walk in
You cover it up again,
Especially late at night.

-Shane’s response to me: Nasty fucker…lmmfao



You smell just a part
Of when I fart
And then you run out of the room.
You wander back in
Forgetting again
The eggs I just consumed.


Untitled02 – Dedicated to @Jason Shane Denney and @Mark Allen

When a cow goes moo
I think of you
Late night, on a stump, in the dark.
When a horse goes neigh
What can I say?
It makes me think of Mark!



I’m in a good mood
Can’t you see dude
I can’t be happier still!
I can do this all day
And even be gay
So I guess you’ll just have to deal.



I’m laughing my head off
And I need something soft
So it don’t break on the floor.
I need it to rhyme
Just one more time
Before you kick it out of the door.



I just heard a blast
I pulled over fast
And jumped out to check and see.
A tire just blew
And I almost did to.
Why did this happen to me?

At the Petro, the lady in the shop asked what I needed. I recited the same but changed the last two lines up for the occation.

I just heard a blast
I pulled over fast
And jumped out to check and see.
A tire just blew
I’m in door two.
What can you do for me?


So Gay!

I tool a leak
I saw you peek
And grin from ear to ear.
You sat right there
I watched you stare
I knew right then you’re queer.


Wrong Bathroom! – Dedicated to @Jason Shane Denney

We went to town
I showed you around
And let you meet my friends.
Then we stopped at the mall
You turned down the hall
Hey wait! That’s not the men’s!



When you say you love me more
I just fall to the floor
Kicking and screaming now and then.
But I still love you
More than you do
And I’ll be with you till the end.



I love you much babe
And I know I’m your fav.
That much, I’ll always know.
You’ve been in my heart
Always from the start.
Now what do you say to that. Yo?

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