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Fruit of the Spirit: Peace


Today we are going to look at the Fruit of the Spirit: Peace. Peace is an essential fruit that should be present in the life of every believer. It is a fruit that is often spoken of but not always fully understood.

When we talk about peace, we can think of it in different ways. There is inner peace, which is the peace that comes from having a right relationship with God. Then there is peace with others, which comes from being reconciled to them. Finally, there is peace in the world, which we all long for, but it seems so elusive.

The Bible teaches that peace is a gift from God. It is not something that we can create on our own. In John 14:27, Jesus says, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” This peace that Jesus gives us is not the kind of peace that the world can offer. It is a peace that comes from being in a right relationship with God.

When we have this peace, we can face whatever comes our way. We can have peace in the midst of chaos, and we can have peace in the midst of suffering. This is because we know that God is in control, and He will take care of us.

We can also experience peace with others. In Romans 12:18, Paul writes, “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” As believers, we are called to be peacemakers. We should seek to reconcile with others and live at peace with them. This doesn’t mean that we will never have conflict with others, but it does mean that we should do our part to seek reconciliation.

We can work towards peace in the world. In Matthew 5:9, Jesus says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” We are called to be peacemakers in our communities, our nation, and our world. This means standing up against injustice and working towards reconciliation and peace.

Peace is an essential fruit that should be present in the life of all of us. It is a gift from God that we should seek to cultivate in our lives. We can have peace with God, peace with others, and work towards peace in the world. Let us be peacemakers in our homes, our communities, and our world. May the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

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