Martin’s Restaurant Review

Restaurant review for Martin’s Restaurant and Bar in Jackson, MS. Good food, music, and atmosphere.

How to setup Uber Partner for UberXL Only requests

With UberXL available in my area and me driving an XL approved vehicle, I decided to ask for XL only requests and not compete with the numerous X drivers.

Uber XL Coming to Jackson

Potential to make more money while legally transporting more passengers opening in Jackson.

Uber Overcharging Customers

Uber has been charging riders an inflated rate without paying drivers appropriately and also have removed rates from its website for many markets.

2016 Uber Promo Coupon Code

Uber Rider Driver Referral Codes. Earn up to $350 referral bonus or up to $20 off your first ride. Free Uber code. Make money driving for Uber.

Touching Base with Readers

Long time deserved post and update why I haven’t posted anything lately.

Missed Connection

How does people know if something can ever be if an acquaintance disappears from your life even before you barely get to know them?

Healing Hands

This is a very short story of a miracle that happened somewhere, to someone. Is it scifi or a dream. What does it mean?

Decree from Federal Supporters Sent to Schools Across the Nation

Everyday we see more battles initiated by LGBTQ and their misguided supporters towards companies, individual, and now state institutions of learning.

Graffiti Stenciled on Stop Signs in Belhaven Area of Jackson MS

Several Stop Signs has been vandalized in recent weeks since HB 1523 was signed by the Governor of Mississippi.