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The long wait is over. Lyft is available in Jackson, MS. If you are driving for a competitor of Lyft, interested in becoming a new driver, or if you require transportation, Lyft is available in Jackson.

For a few years, passengers and drivers has been limited to driving for and using the other guys but now, if you are tired of the other services, you can ride or drive for Lyft.

Start your Application today to drive for Lyft and earn a bonus of up to $100.00. Use the following Referral code for your bonus. JONATHAN719176

If you sign up as a passenger and you want a $5 credit on your next ride, use the Jackson Promo Code. LYFTJMS

Lyft Requirements for becoming a Driver is available at the following link:

Mississippi Driver Requirements is available on the Lyft website at the following link:

Lyft Vehicle Requirements is available on the Lyft website at the following link:

The Bonus for Drivers and Discount for Passengers is set by Lyft and is subject to change at any time.
Driver and Vehicle Requirements for Mississippi is subject to change.
Availability of the Lyft service is dependent on quantity of drivers available at the time of requesting.