Roku Secret Menu Codes

Here is an updated list of all the Roku Secret Remote Codes to access developer, WiFi, Bitrate, and other secret menus.

Roku XD Refresh

Roku XD is still a great Media Player. Some channels didn’t work after not using it after upgrading to the Roku 4. Here’s my fix.

Inventory Mobile

Inventory Mobile is a 3rd Party App for merchants to control aspects of their inventory. Add and edit products by UPC.

FedEx Lost Order Cont.

My order from came up missing during shipping by FedEx but Amazon made good on it.

FedEx Lost Order

My order from was lost and the tracking ended at the FedEx hub in Memphis, with an empty box.

Court Hearing for Operating a Taxi

Update on my served field warrant and ticket for Operating a Taxi without a Business License.

Inauguration and Aftermath

Barack Hussein Obama II stepped down today as United States President as President Elect, Donald John Trump was sworn in.

Taxi Tim Employer Review

If I had a nickle for every time I’ve been lied to by the owner in the past year, I’d be rich.

Veteran’s Paparazzi Cab 318

Never thought of myself as popular or entertaining, but I get pictures taken of me more than Kim Kardashian.

Acorns Round-up Acct Link

Acorns is a good way to save and invest your money, if there wasn’t round-up account linking issues.