Pegasus Transflo! Now & TripPack Scan

On my old website I had an article on Pegasus Transflo! Now. The program set up is still the same. Even with the mobile app for Android and iPhone. Remember, you must know your FLEET ID. If you don’t know it, get in touch with the Payroll Department.

Get your copy of Pegasus Transflo! Now for your computer from the link below.
Download | Pegasus TransTechPegasus TransTech


Pegasus Transflo also has Mobile Apps for both Android & iPhone. Get the program from the link below.
Transflo-now-mobile | Pegasus TransTechPegasus TransTech

I don’t know much about TripPack Scan because in the past I’ve only used TripPack drop boxes.

You can get a copy of the program from the link below. Included on the page is a video of how to set up the program.
TripPak Services


With all these scanning solutions you will need a scanner to scan the paperwork. You’re covered if you are using the Mobile version of Pegasus Transflo! Now because it utilizes your smartphone’s camera. But what if you installed the program on to your netbook, laptop, or desktop? You’re going to need a scanner.

I purchased a scanner from Wal-Mart that suits the need instead of purchasing one that’s hundreds of $$$.

The scanner I purchased was manufactured by VuPoint. Only drawback is you have to have a flat surface to use this handheld wand. Wal-mart sales another solution that fixes this drawback. It’s the Brother DS600 connecting by USB and currently only costing $69.99 (w/o tax) when you order Online.

You can purchase either of the scanners from the links below.
Brother DS600 Handheld Scanner –
Save on the Brother DS600 Handheld Scanner that is available for less at
Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner with WiFi, Pewter: Office :
Shop Low Prices on: Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner with WiFi, Pewter : Office