RideShare Equals Better Transportation Minus Taxicabs

Even in Canada, Uber is seeing it’s share of problems. An article from CFRA News Talk Radio states that the local Taxicab Union President is whining that Uber is getting more business than taxicab drivers. I wonder why!? Maybe it’s because rideshare is a lot better than taxicabs. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that taxicabs are antiquated! The companies let mostly anybody and everybody drive a cab. At least rideshare companies are doing their part by conducting background checks on their drivers and making sure that their license and insurance is current. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance executive director mentioned that taxi or black car and livery will earn a decent living. Giving the impression that rideshare is welcome in New York.

Airports are another problem altogether. Uber has temporarily suspended picking up passengers from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport (FLL) and Port Everglades until further notice. Dropping off passengers should be done at the driver’s discression and Uber states that they will be “resolving” any citations while they work with officials about a long-term solution at these airports. The temporary ban also seems to be extended to the state of Utah because the cab company is whining about capped fares which doesn’t apply to ridesharing companies since Utah started regulating them.

Airports are clamoring about rideshare because they’re not getting the fees from TNC drivers like they would be from taxi drivers. Around the country TNC drivers are not allowed on airport property to wait on a “ping” because the property is geofenced. Meaning if the driver is on the property, they won’t be sent a request. Taxicabs on the other hand are allowed to clog airports for the most part on account they pay a fee to hang around the terminals.

Insurance requirements are slowly being defined and the dreaded gap is being closed by insurance companies. House Bill 4640 in Michigan is putting extra requirements on rideshare drivers’ insurance to cover the passenger with unlimited personal injury protection, the same just like for taxicabs.

Government officials and lobbyists are passing laws left and right instead of letting the public vote on what we think is best. Officials work for us, not the other way around. Let’s face this head on. Ridesharing and Smartphone based ride hailing services is the future. Some taxi companies praise the technology and see it as a step in the future where some demonize it because they’ve been stuck in a rut for so long, dragging their heels, and not updating with the times. There are some big businesses that has even contracted ridesharing companies for their private fleet.

It’s past time Americans wake up and let officials know what we need, what’s better as far as transportation. Let’s leave them absolutely no room to guess and pass erroneous laws “on our behalf”.