Vaping, E-juice, Safety, and YOU

Vaping verb – the practice of inhaling the vapor from heating a liquid, wax, or solid in an electronic cigarette or other atomizer type device that connects to an electrical source.

I started vaping March 3rd of this year. I have learned several things during this journey, my first month, of being a recovering cigarette addict. From the simpliest of knowing what the correct batteries to buy to what mod and tank that best suits me to e-juice and safety around minors.

Even though I am going to try and cover, somewhat for me, a lot of material. I’ll try and keep it brief and explain things enough so that a beginning vapee can understand.

I had been smoking since I was 18 and in 2008 I bought my first ever e-cig. It was an N-Joy NPro. To me now it looks like an antique electronic cigarette. I tried to stick with it for a few days but it didn’t give me my nicotine fix. So, in turn I went back to smoking cigarettes.

Several years went by and in 2012 I started trying to quit smoking again and I bought nicotine patches. It was going good because I was able to talk my co-driver into using them to. We both went a week on the highest strength. Unforseen stress crept in on top of wanting a hit from a cigarette, we caved. After that I tried using the patches off and on but never lasted more than a couple days.

March 3rd I purchased an iTaste EP. It came with two CE5 type clearomizers and I purchased a couple bottles of flavored e-juice. Needless to say, I’ve upgraded a few times since then. Even have (semi-) converted a friend and my uncle from cigarettes. They still smoke but hopefully, not as much.

My next purchase was 2 Sony 18650 VTC4 30a batteries. Even though we were only talking, maybe 3 weeks ago, the Sony VTC5 was sparse and hard to find. While waiting quite a while for my batteries to arrive I shopped around for a variable voltage/wattage mod. I settled for something affordable and immediately available so I purchased the iTaste SVD and a Kanger ProTank 3 after the batteries arrived. I also purchased some house made Menthol Ice e-juice from VaporZ and it was 100 times better than the stuff the cigarette shop sells and has been my all day vape! I love the cooling hit when I vape it. My next purchase was a Nimbus RDA. I don’t have much time to really drip e-juice, but I fill my ProTank 3 and on my way I go.

I had been reluctant to buy e-juice from the internet but signed up for Vape-Box. And ordered another Kanger product, the Kanger Aerotank. It sits in my vape drawer. I also have recently ordered the Kanger Mini ProTank 3 and it should be here today.

I’ve order a sampler pack from a website to try out some different flavors e-juice until my first Vape-Box arrives for April which is currently delayed due to the collossal subscription base and backlog.

Finally done with telling you about my gear we can finally get to some safety tips.

I know everyone’s talking about the following but I’m going to repeat it so maybe it’ll get drilled in. Everyone needs to remember, use the correct batteries with an unregulated device. eFest 30a/35a and/or Sony VTC3/4/5 are some good ones. There may be some other high amperage batteries on the market but are unknown to me. Keep to those or some recommended by your local vape shop or other people in the vape community. Regular 18650 batteries or some that seems compatible with your device may discharge quickly, overheat and blowup in your face or hand while vaping.

Also, remember, for those of us who vapes e-juice with nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive as well as a poisonous substance when injested or absorbed through the skin in high doses. Even if your e-juice contains 8mg of nicotine, that is still enough to kill two grown men. For the home chef, never add more than 24mg of nicotine to your e-juice. You can buy it with 36mg but that’s pushing it, especially if you vape like you would smoking a cigarette. A Marlboro Red has around 1.8mg of nicotine while e-juice has well over that amount. That means a 15ml bottle of e-juice with 24mg of nicotine equals about as much nicotine as half a pack of cigarettes.

Again, nicotine is poisonous. Keep it away from children, pets, plants, monsters and poltergists! According to the CDC, there was more nicotine poison cases this past Feburary than a year ago.

I’m new to the vaping community. If anyone wants to add anything, feel free to do so below.