Taxi Wars in Jackson

We’ve heard about taxi drivers around the world being petty when it comes to competition. With many news articles casting a pretty dark shadow between taxi drivers and Uber drivers.

It shouldn’t be a surprise when it comes to taxi drivers harassing other drivers from neighboring cities.

This is an inside view of the harassment, intimidation, and stalking that has been going on from Veteran’s Taxi and City Cab towards the company I work for.

Both opposing companies has drivers that has filed sworn affidavits that the owner of the company I work for is driving without a Certificate of Public Necessity and Convenience. Our company is based outside of Jackson, in a neighboring city, and that city doesn’t require any of us to have one. So, why don’t they go after all the “transportation” companies that we’ve seen everywhere in Jackson? They think we’re an easy target I suppose.

Thursday night I was served with a ticket for a misdemeanor, driving a taxi without a business license. I don’t own the company and am only a driver so the ticket is invalid. Sorry City of Jackson, which is who supposedly made the complaint, wrong recipient.

Drivers with my company continuously have had pictures and video taken of us by one City Cab driver and several Veteran’s Cab drivers more than the paparazzi has taken pictures of Kanye West.

Veteran’s has denied harassing us and has made it public with a threat of more erroneous charges.

How much more proof do I need than a driver creeping by several times, pulling in behind me and minutes later, a JPD officer showing up.

After having the Jackson Police called on me while sitting in a private parking lot by a Veteran’s driver, yet again, I found their Facebook page and rated the company. It wasn’t long until some anonymous person managing their Facebook page responded with threats.

I reported back to my company owner and he said it was just drama. I agree wholeheartedly. Their response is just phycological. And let me tell ya, it doesn’t work and won’t work, but you get an “A+” for effort!