Police Misconduct in the Philadelphia Police Department (Philadelphia, MS)

It has come to my attention, from concerned citizens that will remain anonymous, that certain officers working for the Philadelphia Police Department would not allow charges to be filed on someone for theft. This thief took personal property from a house after breaking and entering
the person’s home and pawned them at a local pawn shop. Shortly after the owner found her property at the pawn shop had to pay to retrieve her property instead of the Police Department seizing and returning the pawned items after a proper investigation into the theft.

Wikipedia1 defines police misconduct in one aspect, as the selective enforcement of laws violated by acquaintances. The thief is a known police informant which by definition is an acquaintance of the officer(s).

In a publication2 from the FBI, police misconduct and corruption is defined as a lower standard of ethics. Knowing this person willfully stole personal property is a violation of the claimant’s rights for not being compensated as interperted in the Constitution Of The State Of Mississippi Article 3, Section 173.

The officer did not perform his civic duty of taking a proper report on the theft and allowing charges to be placed.

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