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Plantronics wasn't lying about the unsurpassed audio and comfort of the new Voyager Legend! The audio quality is far beyond other compeditor's products on the market today!

I am a long-time customer with previously owning several discontinued headsets, the Voyager Legend Pro+ and now the Voyager Legend.

Being a truck driver, required by law, we have to use a handsfree device when using our wireless phones. The problems doesn't come in using quality headsets but finding them. I've previously used a few different headsets but was quickly let down by the poor sound quality, poor mic, or other characteristic of a subpar headset.

Upgrading my headset to the Voyager Legend from the Voyager Legend Pro+ was an extremely easy choice! It was my first choice. Between the discount at the retailer and instore points, I was able to get this superb headset for less than $50.00 USD (Retail $99.00).

Complete Product Feedback sent to Plantronics -

I purchased the Voyager Legend to replace my previous headset the Voyager Pro+. There was nothing wrong with my previous headset I just couldn't resist purchasing another high quality product from Plantronics.

I like the simplicity of the features of the Voyager headset no matter what model it is. I especially like the Voice Dial feature that is built in to my Android device. I missed that feature when I upgraded my wireless phone to a newer version from the same manufacturer. The Voyager Pro+ used to activate the Voice Dial feature with a double tap of the Answer button but it quit working for some reason when I switched phones.

I am drawn to great quality products from long standing companies that continue to excel in an advancement of technology, especially if I have used a previous product and have encountered more than excellent craftsmanship, quality, and ease of use.

The Plantronics Voyager Legend exceeds my expectation on every test that I put it through. From Voice Commands, Voice Dialing, listening to music, answering/switching/ending calls, and easy paring. The Voyager brand will always be my first choice and first recommendation to family, friends and coworkers looking for a great headset.

To purchase the Plantronics Voyager Legend simply click on the product image or link below.

Plantronics Voyager Legend